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Meet the Team

Run by a team of nine volunteer directors & three paid posts as well as over 60 volunteers

Jo Grail 01.jpg

Jo Grail  
Chair of Directors

Assuming the role of Director was a conscious decision driven by my desire to actively contribute to helping our local community. While my responsibilities primarily involve overseeing back-office operations, I am equally enthusiastic about getting my hands dirty, whether it's lending a hand at the Community Fridge or engaging in other hands-on tasks. 


Drawing from my experience as a former head teacher for many years, I'm accustomed to juggling multiple responsibilities and wearing various hats, a skill set that I find invaluable as I navigate the dynamic landscape of our organisation's growth and development.


Beyond my professional endeavors, I cherish my time spent with family, particularly relishing the joy of spoiling my grandchildren. These moments of connection and togetherness serve as a source of rejuvenation amidst the bustling pace of everyday life.

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Cathy Jane
Community Liaison Director

I love the ethos of CEPL12," said Cathy. "There's joy in working with a team of volunteers, who turn things that no one wants (including food and buildings) into useful, positive outcomes for the community.  


Cathy brings her skills as project manager and team leader to her role as Community Liaison Director. She engages with a broad spectrum of community groups, organisations and individuals, through collaboration and resource-sharing. She spearheads efforts to identify pressing needs within our community and completes funding proposals to support our vital objectives.  


"I believe in collective action and cooperation," adds Cathy. "Emphasising the value of pooling our resources to address shared challenges.  I'm committed to driving positive change and making strides towards achieving our community's most crucial goals.  


"I am a keen gardener, crafter, and have two amazing daughters (and son in laws!) and four lively grandchildren who are a joy to spend time with."  


Richard Bickford
IT Director

I thoroughly enjoy my role as a volunteer director of Community Enterprise PL12. As a CIC, we have the pleasure of collaborating with numerous wonderful groups, organisations, and diverse individuals throughout our local community. It's truly rewarding to witness the positive impact we can make together.


Additionally, serving as a local town councillor here in Saltash, Cornwall, allows me the opportunity to further contribute to the betterment of our town and surrounding areas.


I am committed to fostering strong partnerships between Community Enterprise PL12 and other vital organizations within our community. By facilitating open communication and cooperation, I strive to ensure that our collective efforts result in tangible benefits for all residents.

Rose Edwards Community Enterprises CEPL12 Director

Rose Edwards
Dementia Voice Manager

When I relocated to Saltash in 2012, I was driven by a desire to contribute to the local community. In 2013, I seized the opportunity to volunteer with Community Enteprises PL12, dedicating myself to the establishment and operation of the Volunteer Service. 


The following year marked a significant milestone in my journey as I assumed the role of Director within the organisation. Shortly thereafter, I played a pivotal role in the inception of Dementia Voice PL12, a vital initiative aimed at providing much-needed support and engaging activities for individuals affected by dementia. 


While my tenure as director has concluded, my commitment to the cause remains unwavering, as I continue to actively participate as one of the lead volunteers orchestrating the activities of the vital Dementia Voice groups.


Reflecting on these past years, I am filled with immense satisfaction and gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with a host of remarkable individuals, all united in our shared mission to enhance the well-being of our local community.


Sue Ellingham
Volunteering Director

Sue Ellingham is our busy and vital Volunteering Director at Community Enterprises PL12 and brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role. 


Her educational journey was primarily rooted in Tavistock, Devon, where she acquired her foundational knowledge. Pursuing a passion for teaching, Sue underwent training as a teacher of home economics, embarking on a remarkable career spanning 43 years. Throughout her tenure, she imparted knowledge and guidance in various secondary schools across different regions, including Lincolnshire, Germany, Surrey, and ultimately Devon.


For over two decades, Sue has called Saltash home, witnessing the growth and development of the community firsthand. It was here that her children received their education, further deepening her connection to, and support of the area.


Now in retirement, Sue volunteers at the Community Enterprises PL12 encouraging and supporting over 120 volunteers and is vital to the organisation, overseeing our team of volunteers with training and support and is also responsible for our involvment in schemes such as Room To Reward volunteer recognition awards. 


Sue alsao enjoys exploring the open road in her campervan, embracing the freedom of travel and adventure. Yet, amidst her leisurely pursuits, Sue remains actively engaged in voluntary work, dedicating her time and energy to serving the community she holds dear.


Sam Gardner
Community Fridge & Kitchen Director

My background in Technical Management in the food industry fitted perfectly with the ideas already in place for a community fridge, when I became a director of CEPL12 in October 2020.

I have lived in Saltash for 9 years, with my partner, 3 teenagers and our ever growing menagerie of dogs, cats and guinea pigs, and have been involved in supporting the young people of Saltash for several years; as Chair of governors at Saltash Community School and on the civilian committee of the local ATC squadron, but I really wanted to be involved in a more hands on volunteering role.

Working with a fantastic team of enthusiastic volunteers, I am very excited to be leading the Community Fridge and Larder enterprise, and happy that it has gone from strength to strength in its success in reducing food waste and supporting the local community.

peter r.jpg

Peter Ryland
Premises Director & Vice Chair

Born in 1951, my journey to Saltash began in 1976 when my wife and I made the decision to relocate to this vibrant town. It was here that we discovered the undeniable sense of community spirit that permeates every aspect of life in Saltash.


After completing my studies in Estate Management at Reading University, I embarked on a fulfilling career path that eventually led me to establish my own property business in 2000. Prior to venturing into entrepreneurship, I had the privilege of gaining invaluable experience through positions at Plymouth City Council and serving as the Property Controller for Plymouth and South Devon Co-op.


Beyond my professional pursuits, I have actively engaged in community involvement, holding notable positions such as Chairman of the Saltash Chamber. Additionally, I have been an enthusiastic member of various other local organisations, each contributing to the rich tapestry of community life in Saltash. Currently, I am honoured to serve as a Trustee at Saltash Scrapstore, where I continue to dedicate my time and efforts to initiatives that benefit our community.


While my primary residence may no longer be in Saltash, the town holds a special place in my heart, and my connection to PL12 remains steadfast. The sense of belonging and camaraderie I experienced during my time in Saltash continues to inspire me, driving my ongoing commitment to the well-being and prosperity of this wonderful community.

Peter T 02.jpg

Peter Thistlethwaite
Finance Director

Peter brings a wealth of experience to the table. As a retired local government officer with a special interest in health and care, Peter has been a resident of Saltash for over 30 years, deeply rooted in the community fabric. His journey with CEPL12 began in 2008 when he joined as a Director, driven by a desire to contribute meaningfully to the local community.


Over the years, Peter has assumed various roles within the organisation, including overseeing finance and serving as chair. His dedication and expertise have been instrumental in steering the financial aspect of CEPL12, ensuring its stability and growth.


One of Peter's notable contributions during his tenure has been the development and implementation of initiatives such as Dementia Voice. This crucial initiative underscores CEPL12's commitment to supporting and empowering individuals affected by dementia, reflecting Peter's passion for fostering a compassionate and inclusive community.


Additionally, Peter has played a key role in shaping the organisation's strategic direction, including the meticulous planning for the takeover of 18 Belle Vue Road in Saltash. His strategic vision and attention to detail have been pivotal in ensuring the successful execution of such important endeavours, further solidifying CEPL12's position as a catalyst for positive change in Saltash and beyond.

chris cook_edited.jpg

Chris Cook 
Kitchen Manager

Chris Cook, the Kitchen Manager at Community Enterprises PL12 in Saltash, boasts a robust professional background underscored by a commitment to excellence and adaptability. Following his departure from school, Chris embarked on a busy 12-year tenure within the catering industry, culminating in the important position of Head Chef. Demonstrating proficiency and leadership throughout his tenure, Chris established himself as a stalwart in the culinary domain,


Seeking new challenges, Chris then transitioned into law enforcement, dedicating close to three decades to public service. 


Upon encountering Community Enterprises PL12, Chris recognised an opportunity to channel his expertise towards community enrichment for the local area. Volunteering for nearly 18-months, he gained firsthand insight into the organisation's impactful initiatives within the area and how much it supported people of all walks of life. Motivated by this experience, Chris then pursued and successfully secured the role of Community Kitchen Manager.


In his current capacity, Chris oversees the busy kitchen operations and managing several events and looking after many different organisations that use the Community Kitchen. Beyond his professional endeavours, he finds fulfilment in familial bonds, residing in Saltash with his spouse, children, and beloved pet.


Chris's career underscores his dedication to the community, aligning seamlessly with the mission of Community Enterprise PL12.

MC website.jpg

Melanie Cowie
Marketing Director

Having over 25 years’ experience working in the media, Melanie Cowie is a writer, PR and marketing consultant. Having started her career in radio, Melanie has worked on both sides of the media and has lived in Cornwall for 20 years. Through her role managing the sales and marketing of the National Marine Aquarium, Melanie ran a busy press office and an international marketing campaign – culminating in the ‘Sinking of HMS Scylla’ an artificial reef off the Cornish coast in Whitsand Bay.

For the past 10 years, Melanie has used her experience to manage a cross-sector range of clients’ campaigns as well as regularly contribute as a feature writer for a range of magazines and newspapers. Over this time, Melanie has become well known for her knowledge, skills and thirst for knowledge. Alongside her full-time employment, Melanie now volunteers for the Community Enterprise PL12 to help raise their profile and awareness. "I first came across CEPL12 at an event in The Kitchen and became hooked!  It's such an amazing organisation doing so many great things for the community of Saltash.  I'm privileged to be a small part of the CEPL12 family."


Alan Marks
Operations Manager

Alan's journey at Community Enterprise PL12 began as a trader, selling at regular markets for over 5 years before transitioning to manage the community market.


Now, based at the company's Head Office in the Community Shop, Alan oversees all the day-to-day operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of various departments, contributing significantly to the success of CEPL12.


Alan's unparalleled organisational skills and proficiency in tools like Excel have streamlined our much operations and optimised resource allocation, leading to increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Alan's dedication extends beyond his professional role. As a resident of Saltash, he actively supports numerous events with commitment to the local area and its people. In his capacity as Operations Manager, Alan fosters a culture of open communication and collaboration within the team, influencing the company's approach to making a positive impact in the area they serve.

Chris Bailey Bio Supporting image.jpeg

Chris Bailey
Operations Director

Chris has worked in IT on projects for local government, utilities and large companies over a span of 40 years with time out to look for his young children and study a course leading to a diploma in law. He also have an MSc in Mathematics and a diploma in Human factors and Cyber security.


"I have spent many years volunteering spending some 10 years as a cadet force adult volunteer and 10 years as a volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officer," said Chris.


"My kids are now grown up and I have retired, so I have looked for further voluntary positions to fill my time and give back to society. I have found CEPL12 and am also helping to start a Men’s Shed in Saltash," added Chris.


"I particularly like the ethos of CEPL12, which I would summarise as applying what is given by others to those that need it, whether it be time and effort or food. I hope the skills and knowledge I have acquired over my years can work to the benefit of CEPL12 and this to the benefit of the community in Saltash and its environs."

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