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Saltash Mission to Stop use of Plastic Bags

Eco-crafters at the Community Enterprise PL12 are celebrating this month as they have created

over 300 environmental bags for the local community.

The bags, known as Morsbags are made from material that is no longer of use, and often ends up in landfill. A Morsbag is a recycled, reusable, fabric, washable bag that is used instead of a plastic bag and is always given away for free. “We’ve made around 404 Morsbags,” said Community Enterprise PL12 Marketing Director Melanie Cowie. “It’s a staggering achievement by our talented volunteers and members of the eco-crafters club. They work tirelessly to create these reusable bags and be part of the Morsbag globally community.” Morsbag is a worldwide, not for profit organisation after seeing the damage that plastic bags were doing to wildlife and the environment. Globally, more than one million plastic bags are consumed per minute, which marine wildlife mistakes for


More than 391,268 morsbags have been made by over 2000 pods, including the Saltash CEPL12 group, replacing more than 100 million plastic bags. “We’ve had 25 duvet covers, 8 sets of curtains, plus some odds and ends being donated and turned into bags,” adds Melanie. “We have a core group of 8 people, one of whom had never sewn before but with guidance from the more experienced members, she’s now whizzing along!” The Community Enterprise PL12 Morsbags are available in the Community Shop and at special events.

Together we can, together we do

War-barth ‘gan gallos War-barth ‘gan gwul


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