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Media Release

Community Enterprises PL12 Announces the Conclusion of Community Hopper Minibus Activities
SALTASH, Cornwall – February 6th, 2024

Community Enterprises PL12 in Saltash, Cornwall reflects with pride and gratitude as it
announces the conclusion of its Community Hopper Minibus activities, a project initiated 13
years ago to enhance accessibility and community connectivity for Saltash residents.

The journey began with the vision of providing a reliable and accessible transportation
service for local residents, spearheaded by Colin Brown and the Saltash Gateway
Community Interest Company. The iconic 'Hopper,' a Mercedes with wheelchair access,
symbolised a commitment to inclusivity and support for all members of the community.


The addition of the 16-seat Peugeot minibus in 2016, through a Government scheme,
demonstrated the commitment to continuously improve and expand services. The Hopper
flourished, covering a staggering 167,000 miles and serving diverse needs within the Saltash
community including over 100 groups. This would not have been possible without the hard
work and support of all the organisers and of course the dedicated volunteers to whom we
are very grateful.

Marketing Director Melanie Cowie reflects on the mission's accomplishment, stating, "The
Community Hopper Minibus project was established to fill a crucial gap in our community,
ensuring that no resident felt isolated due to mobility challenges. Today, as we announce its
conclusion, we do so with immense pride, knowing that the mission was not only
accomplished but surpassed expectations."

While the Transport Enterprise has been immensely successful over the years, the Saltash
community is now well-served by other transport providers. The flourishing Red Bus
operation, in particular, has become a cornerstone of local transportation, contributing to
the realisation that the original mission of the Hopper has been fulfilled.

As CEPL12 Community Enterprises bids farewell to the Hopper, the focus remains on seeking
new opportunities to continue to serve the community. The organisation is committed to
continuing its positive impact and embracing fresh initiatives that address the evolving
needs of Saltash residents.

Please note: the Hopper service will end of 29th February 2024 and that all bookings will be
honoured up until that date.

Community Enterprises PL12
4 Fore Street, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 6JL
Tel: 01752 848348
Editorial Enquiries:

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